U.S. Ranger Afghanistan

BHD Ranger Somalia

BHD 160th Soar AH-6J

BHD 160th Soar UH-60L

U.S.M.C. Iraq 1991

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Delta Force Sniper

UK Brigade Reconnaissance Force

British SBS

UK Radio Commanders Control

U.S.M.C. Scout Sniper

Coming Soon

Navy Seal SOF SDV

Navy Seal DEVGRU K9

Coming Soon

CanSofCom Arctic


French Special Force

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    © 2013 by Robysas action figure onesix  


    Photos by Robysas

    Le scene, i figurini, i lavori, rappresentati in questo sito, hanno solo la funzione puramente Storica, Educativa, Artigianale.

    Non devono essere utilizzati e sfruttati, per glorificare gli orrori e le attrocità della guerra.


    The scenes, figurines, works, displayed on this site, they have only the purely Historical, Educational, Artisan.
    Not to be used and exploited, to glorify the horrors and atrocities of war

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