Soldier Story Head and Body

Airframe Helmet System

Manta Strobe

NVG mount

GPNV Quadeye Night Vision System with Battery Pack

ESS Goggles

ESS Goggles Cover


ACU Digital Uniform Shirt


ACU Digital Uniform Air Craft Pants

Rocky S2V Vented Military Tactical Boot

Pistol Dual Mag Pouch
Triple M4 Mag Pouch 

FLYYE Armor ACU Vest​

MOLLE Hydration Pouch

Sordin Headset
Waterproof P.T.T
AN/PCR 148 MBITR Radio
MBITR Radio Pouch

Vip Strobe


Tactical Rappelling Harness

U.S.A.F. 160th SOAR Night Stalker


Sopmod M4

Eotech Red Dot

AN/PEQ-15A DBAL-A2 LASER and Illuminators

Surefire Light

KAC Grip

Sling Adaptor

Rilfe Sling

M4 5.56mm Magazine

Glock 17 9mm Pistol

Glock 17 9mm Pistol Magazine

Glock Tactical Light and Laser  (GTL 22)

Safariland 6004 Glock Holster

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