Navy Seal Riverine Recon

DAM Head and Body

SOF Woodland Camo Battle Dress Uniform
Rigger Belt
Woodland Camo Jungle Hat

Panam Outsole Jungle Boots Black

Motorcycle Gloves 

1195J Rifleman Floating Harness

1QT Canteen x2

Safe Riggingmolle

MBITR Radio Pouch

AN/PRC-148 Radioflash Headset

Navy Shore patrol Whistle

SDU5D Strobe Light
G-Shock Watch
Military Pacecounter
SOG X42 Combat Knife
Handing Buckle

MK13Mod0 Signal Flare

Sopmod M4 Camo
Acog TA01 Scope Camo
AN/PEQ-15A DBAL-A2 LASER and Illuminators

Surefire M3 Light
KAC Grip Camo
Ris Rail Panel Camo
Sling Adaptor Camo
Rilfe Sling
M4 Mag X12
MK24 Mod-0 Pistol
9MM Pistol Mag X2
SAS MKIII Pistol Holster
M18 Smoke Grenade X2
MK13Mod0 Signal Flare

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Navy Seal