Navy Seal Scuba

DAM Head and Body

Diving Suit

Diving Shoes

Nomex Gloves


LAR Rebreather

LAR Life Preserver

Diving Weight Belt

Military Diver Navigation Broad x1

Diving Compass

Diving Depth Gauge

Q-OPS Waterproof Headset


OTS Underwater Radio

Diving Combat Lanyard

Diving Goggle

Combat Diving Knife

Molle Combat Belt

Tactical Drop leg Panel

Molle M4 Pouch

HK MP7 Rifle

MP7 Magazine

Rear Sight
Holografic Eotech Sight
AN/PEQ-5 CVL Laser

M9 Pitol with Retention Lanyard

Omega Holster

9mm Magazine


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Navy Seal Scuba