U.S. 82nd Airborne Desert Storm "Kuwait 1991"

DAM Head and Body

Night Desert Camouflage Hat

G.I. Sun-Wind-Dust Motorcross Google

Desert Camouflage Hat

Net Scraf


OD Padded Lonf Sleev Shirt

Night Desert Camouflage Parkas

OD Nomex Gloves

Night Desert Camouflage Trousers

Olive Drab Panama Jungle Combat Boots

Alice Load Carrying Equipment 

Y Suspenders
LC-2 Belt
LC-2 Magazine Pouch and Grenade
Strobe Light Pouch
Entreching Plastic Tool Case
LC-2 First Aid Kit Pouch

LC-2 100rd Pouch
LC-2 Buttpack
M17 Gas Mask Pouch

Canteen Pouch


Camo M14 Sniper Rifle

M14 7.62mm Mag

Military Grade Picatinny Scope Mount and Rings


Rilfe Sling

Colt 1911 45 Pistol

Alice Holster

M9 Bayonet

Scabbard Belt Attachment

Right-Angled Flash LIght with Red Night Filtred

Strobe Light

Strobe Light Case

"O" Lanyard Kit
G.I. Earplugs Case

M67  Grenade

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82nd Night Sniper