Vega Force Company Taiwan

DAM Toys Head Sculpt and Body

Tan Beanie

Ess Google

Ess Google Cover

LEAF Alpha LT Jacket



Raider Pant

Rocky S2V Vented Military Tactical Boot 


Tactical Bandoleer

Low Profile Belt

Fast Mag Gen3

Pistol Fast Mag 

MBITR Radio Pouch

MLCS General Purpose Pouch

IFAK Pouch

Leg Medical Pouch 

Dump Pouch




HK 416 Assault Rifle Desert Camo Paint

MFT Pistol Grip

Eotech 551/552 Holographic Optic Sight

3x Magnifier

Foldable Front Sight

ATPIAL LA-5/PEQ High Power Advanced Target Pointer/ PEQ-15A DBAL-A2  Lasers & Illuminators

Tactical Front Grip

Tactical Light


EMAG 30 rd Magazine

Tactical Rail Grip

VCAS Rifle Sling

Hk Glock 9mm Pistol Mag

Universal Tactical Holster

Vip Light Strobe

Red Light Stick

CAT Tactical Tourniquet
Tactical Tourniquet
Tactical Tourniquet Holder

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