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This simplified tutorial, without entering into details on the techniques used in the work, has been designed to give a basic idea on how to proceed in making a subject in 1/6 scale.
First you need to choose what you want to represent, then we go in search of the necessary material to carry out idea that is evolving in our heads.

First Step:
Select model and brand appear. At this stage we must be very careful, because not all the figures have the same sized, well keeping to the same scale 1/6. As in real life, where every human being has his size.
The fiugrino delal photo beside is a product version from the Soldier Story, model Head and Body S2.5.


Second Step:
Choose clothing, depending on the subject you want to recreate. In the photos alongside trovere a hair, a T-shirt, a combat shirt, combat pants, belt and amphibians, with woodland camouflage marpat, supplied to the USMC.


Woodland Marpat Hat

Woodland Marpat Frog Shirt 




Woodland Marpat Frog Pant

USMC Hot-weather RAT Boots


Third Step:
equipment selections Set-up, depending on the subject you want to recreate and weapons with which you want to equip your subject.


USMC Hot-weather RAT Boots

MLCS Double 5.56mm Magazine Pouch

Dump Pouch

Smoke Pouch

Utility Pouch





Fourth Step:
It starts with the dress appear. Put amphibians and have them lacing, as you do with normal production of shoes that we utilize every day, remembering to relate node and bow 1/6 scale.

Fifth Step:
Assemble the equipment. As you have noticed in the previous picture, the set-up has the M.o.l.l.e. system allowing you to directly fix budgets through the use of special attacks. As in real life, proceed, by inserting alternately the vertical webbing of the pouch between the loops of the media Duty Belt and those of the pocket.

Sixth Step:
Select Weapon with which you want to equip your subject.
handgun (pistol) and its holster model.
long gun (rifle), and transport belt.
Other Weapons.


Blue Training Colt M4 Carabine


Blue Training 5.56mm Magazine

Blue Training M9 Pitol

CQC M9 Holster
CQC Holster Molle Mount

Blue Training Smoke Grenade

Seventh Step:
Now point you can start to use the figurine already dressed. with its equipment. Shippers and smoke grenade, inserted in their pouch, the gun in the holster.


Eighth Step:
Last steps, provide the subject with their weapon and other small accessories.
In this case:
Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® 3.0
Neck Gaiters
Now you can try to choose various options for the poses in which the figurine will be added later in the scene/diorama.
In these photos you can see the final result, a Marine of the USMC, in vwersione Training.
The variants to create a similar subject are endless.

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