Teutonic Knight

Noble Knight 

- CoomodelI Toys Detailed Sculpted Head

- Coomodel Toys Body

- Gloved hand


Knight Hospitaller Costume

- Teutonic Knight Surcoat

- Teutonic Knight Cloak

- Gambeson

- Breeches

- Cushioned Cotton Cloth

- Breeches and Chauses/Hosen

- Handmade Boots


Knight Hospitaller Armors

- Great helmet

- A pair of Knights greaves

- Chain mail hauberk

- Chain mail coif

- Chain mail chausses

- Spur


Knight Hospitaller Weapons

- Battle axe

- Lance with banner

- Great sword with scabbard and baldric

- Spiked-flail

- Shield with holding straps

ACI Toys Black Horse

- Reins

- Saddle

- Drape

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