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My Hobbies

Welcome to my website dedicated to Action 1 scale Fiugure/6, a passion that I grow by mid-2000.


My first purchase, three sketches of the Dragon, a Royal Marines and two British Infantry of the Desert Rats, the next step, add accessories, after a few years the arrival of a Jeep Willys, revisited for a modern era, which will become their means of transport, the Willys has requested several years to complete the various accessories.


The time that I'd rather play, for my sketches is the current one, 90 's until now.


Very often, for my accomplishments, I find inspiration from military photographs, movie scenes, or from a simple idea.


Once you have "idea" on what beginning, my searches to find all the necessary such as clothing, the set up of the equipment, and other small accessories.


Finally, an important aspect, once the character is made to create the diorama on which then will be placed realized character.


Then the next step is the creation of diorama, starting from scratch, we start to recreate the various scale props.


Enjoy the site, hoping that my work is to your liking.


Thank you                                                                   



(Roberto Isabettini)

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