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Knight Hospitaller Banner Holder

- ACI Toys Muscular Body 

- Detailed Sculpted Head

- Body

- Gloved hand


Knight Hospitaller Costume

- RED Hospitaller Surcoat

- Cushioned Cotton Cloth

- Breeches and Chauses/Hosen

- Hospitaller Cloak

- Handmade Boots


Knight Hospitaller Armors

- Metal Closed Helmet

- Chain Mail Hauberk and Chain Mail Coif 

- Chain Mail Chausses


Knight Hospitaller Weapons

- Metal Axe

- Metal Lance Tip with Banner

- Red Shield

- Metal Great Sword with Scabbard and Baldric

- Metal Dagger and Sheath

ACI Toys Black Horse

- Reins

- Saddle

- Drape

1st place Gold Medal

X° Model Collection Show 2016

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