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Samurai - Sanada Yukimura

 Sanada Yukimura

- Coomodel head sculpture and Body


- White jubbah underwear

- Blue kosode (coat)

- Black kakuobi (waist band)

- Blue hakama (trousers)

- Blue tabi (socks) with waraji (sandals)

- Red kabuto (helmet) with antlers and six-coin heraldry  

- Red menoshitabao (mask) 

- Red gusoku (armor)

- Red kote (vambraces)

- Red haidate (cuishes)

- Rred suneate (jambeaus)

- Blue seno (armor tie)

- Red jinbaori (war vest) with six-coin heraldry


- Cross spear

- katana (long sword)

- Red katana scabbard

- Wakizashi (short sword)

- Red wakizashi scabbard

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