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British Para Alex

DAM Head and Body

Sunglasses Goggle

MK6 Helmet

Helmet Cover DPM


Round Neck Sweater OD Green

DPM Smoke Para

Pants DPM

ASOLO FSN 95 Boots
DPM Chest Rig

AN/PRC-148 Radio

Radio Pouch  
Lash I Headset


Dom Rucksack

Beeding Roll

SOPMOD M4 Carbine   
Backup Iron Sight  
Comp M2 RED DOT Sight  
AN/PVS-18 NVG with Weapon Mount
AN/PEQ-5 CVL Laser
Ris Rail Panel 
Vertical Grip 
Stock Pad
3 Point Rifle Sling  
USGI Sling Adator  
M4 5.56 MAG  

M9 Pitol

9mm Mag

DPM Holster


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British Para Alex

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