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SAS 20th Anniversary "La Taverna del Ponte"

Cal Tek Head and Body

AC-900 Balck SAS Helmet

Oakley Google

Skull Balaclava

Gen3 Combat Shirt Black
Gen3 Combat Pants Black
Black CQB Belt

Oakley Gloves

Oakley Boots

SPC Vest Plate Carrier

Utility Pouch

CT-12 Gas Mack

Chemical Light

Heineken Beer

SAS Patch

Black UK Flag Patch


HK MP5 SD5 Ris

Eotech Red Sight

Vertical Grip with Light



HK MP5 9mm Magazine

Magazine MP5 Pouch

P226 Pistol

CQB Serpa Holster

GR-60 Noir Flashbang

GR-20 Noir Smoke Grenade

Sei vuoi la miglior birra vai dal Pezzo!

If you want the best beer, go to the Pezzo!


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